Measured Recognized in the Leading 100 List

Measured Recognized in the Leading 100 List

Clay Cohen, Sr. Director of Product Marketing

Published 07/05/2023

We’re ecstatic to share that Measured has been included as one of 20 marketing technology providers in The Leading 100 of 2023, a prestigious list curated by The Lead. But what exactly does this mean for us, our customers, and the advertising industry as a whole?

The Leading 100 List is a well-respected index that highlights innovative tech startups reshaping the direct-to-consumer business model. It took a hiatus in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic but has returned in 2023, celebrating companies with the potential to create substantial value for brands and retailers. 

Measured is Honored to be Recognized by The Lead

Our inclusion in The Leading 100 list is a validation of our dedication to revolutionizing the advertising industry. As an incrementality platform, Measured strives to provide solutions that enable marketers to test, analyze, and optimize their ad portfolio to drive revenue.  

Speaking about this achievement, Trevor Testwuide, our Co-founder and CEO, expressed, “This recognition isn’t just about us or the rise of incrementality-based attribution; it’s about our customers. It’s their success that fuels our relentless drive to make advertising more efficient and effective.” He continued, “Our vision remains clear: To enable all brands to harness the power of incrementality measurement - the gold standard - so they can measure the real impact of their media investments and make advertising decisions that drive real growth.”

This recognition is an assurance that our customers are partnering with one of the industry's leading innovators. Our solutions are designed to provide the most accurate, accessible, and actionable advertising metrics, enabling businesses to make data-informed decisions that ensure success. 

Measured's SVP of Marketing, Kelli Negro, shares her perspective: "The recognition of Measured as part of The Leading 100 list is an endorsement of our team's dedication and the innovative work we're doing. We're pushing the boundaries of advertising measurement and striving to establish Measured as a significant player in the industry."

Our COO Nick Stoltz reaffirms this sentiment: "This recognition fuels our passion to continue delivering solutions that empower businesses to maximize their advertising spend using the power of test-and-control incremental measurement. We're excited about the future and the innovations that will drive further growth for our clients."

A Customer Success Story

Johnny Was, a renowned women's lifestyle brand based in California, was intrigued when Google introduced AI-driven ad products, including Smart Shopping and PMAX. They had successfully used Google’s traditional shopping platform for years and wanted to see how the new products compared. 

They also wanted to determine which Google channel mix would generate the greatest positive net profit per dollar spent (Net Profit / $), their key KPI - so Johnny Was turned to Measured for the answer. 

We don’t like spoilers but let’s just say that Johnny Was achieved 3X media efficiency by testing the incrementality of Google PMAX.

To learn more about Johnny Was’s testing journey, and how they ensured more profitable outcomes for every dollar spent, download the case study here