Measured’s Overview of Incrementality and Attribution

Measured’s Overview of Incrementality and Attribution

Clay Cohen, Sr. Director of Product Marketing

Published 07/11/2023

In the hyper-competitive consumer brand space, marketers are responsible for managing upwards of 30% of their company’s revenue on advertising. Success hinges on the performance of their advertising campaigns - or, more specifically, on showing real contribution to the business.

This can be tricky.

To help address marketers this challenge, we’re introducing an updated, refined version of our comprehensive guide to incrementality testing, ‘Incrementality Measurement for Marketers’. Think of it as ‘incrementality measurement 101’ - your one-stop shop for everything you need to know about incrementality attribution in your marketing practice.

What does it cover?

Different Methods of Attribution

We start by defining incrementality in-depth and exploring the formula used to calculate it. However, we also dive into multi-touch attribution (MTA), its evolution from last-touch attribution, and media mix modeling (MMM). We go over the advantages of each and how the attribution methodologies compare to each other.

The Two Ways Brands Implement Incrementality

Brands can either choose to run individual incremental lift tests or opt for end-to-end attribution with full-portfolio incrementality models, and in some cases both. We’ll look at the benefits of each, as well as testing considerations and which media channels they are suitable for. Finally, we outline what to look for in an incrementality testing partner, depending on which form of testing is best for your brand.

Download the guide today to learn how incrementality measurement will reveal the true contribution of media to your business and drive results.