Key Attributes of a Top-Tier Media Measurement Partner

leader of measurement

Mahesh Jeswani, SVP, Product

Published 06/06/2024

In the fast-paced digital marketing world, accurately understanding your advertising spend's impact is critical for long-term success. Measured has been at the forefront of incrementality measurement for over a decade, empowering leading brands to make data-driven decisions that maximize their return on investment. With a track record of over 25,000 in-market experiments and the optimization of $20 billion in media investments, Measured sets the standard for innovation and excellence in media performance analysis. Here’s why marketers and advertisers are choosing Measured as their media measurement partner to stay ahead in an ever-changing market.

🚀 Pioneers in Incrementality

Measured isn’t just another service provider; we are the pioneers who have redefined the field of incrementality measurement. Our expertise lies in pinpointing the causal, incremental impact of advertising on business outcomes, turning complex data into actionable insights.

  • A decade of expertise: With more than a decade of experience, Measured has conducted over 25,000 in-market experiments across more than 200 brands. This vast knowledge base allows us to deliver insights that no one can match.
  • Proven results: Our clients, including top brands like Johnny Was, Vuori, Lulus, Dermalogica, and Ruggable, have experienced significant campaign performance, higher spend efficiency, accelerated revenue growth, and significant cost savings.
  • Future-proof methodology: Our methodologies are designed to provide an accurate, comprehensive, and unbiased view of media performance, equipping our clients to navigate the future of digital advertising with confidence.

At Measured, we transform the intricate science of incrementality into strategic actions that drive substantial business outcomes. Our deep understanding of media performance not only offers a competitive edge but also empowers our clients to stay ahead in today’s market.

🛠️ Best-in-Class SaaS Platform

In an industry where marketing strategies and technologies are continually evolving, having a future-proof and innovative platform is essential. 

  • Unmatched accuracy and efficiency: Our platform is powered by advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science techniques, offering unparalleled accuracy, speed, and actionable insights. We automate the management, testing, planning, and optimization of your media portfolio, freeing your team to focus on strategic decisions. Importantly, we’re not an agency or consulting company—we provide a robust SaaS solution designed to integrate into your existing workflows seamlessly.
  • Holistic measurement and optimization: By combining incrementality testing, media mix modeling (MMM), and platform-reported attribution, our methodology offers a triangulated approach to media measurement. This end-to-end solution provides a full-funnel view, eliminating the need for fragmented tools and manual data stitching. We also showcase competitive benchmarks from similar brands, helping you identify new channels or optimizations to consider.
  • Automated geo-testing: Our platform simplifies the entire workflow, enabling marketers to design and deploy geo-experiments in under a minute—a task that used to take many hours. With the industry’s smallest test markets, brands can run multiple tests simultaneously, yielding richer insights with minimal effort and business risks.
  • Automated customer testing: Our platform also offers Known Audience Testing for channels like email or SMS, where we split a 1st or 3rd party customer list into testable cohorts. This allows us to measure the impact of media on sales across these cohorts, answering crucial business questions like, “What is the best combination of media to bring back returning customers?”
  • Intuitive, personalized interface: Measured platform features a simple-to-use interface that can be tailored to the needs of different roles within your organization, from executives to analysts. This personalization ensures that everyone can access the insights they need in a format that suits their responsibilities.

Measured’s platform revolutionizes the way marketers approach media measurement and optimization, offering a seamless and efficient path from insight to action. Whether you’re optimizing your media spend or making strategic funding decisions, our platform provides the tools and insights needed to elevate your marketing strategy.

🌟 Customer Obsession

At Measured, our commitment to our clients extends beyond delivering a product. We are dedicated partners, fully invested in the success of each brand we collaborate with. Our customer-centric approach ensures that every solution is tailored to meet your unique needs and objectives.

  • Tailored solutions and exceptional support: We recognize that no two clients are the same. That’s why we offer personalized expertise designed to exceed your expectations. From onboarding to ongoing optimization, our team of seasoned professionals works closely with you to ensure maximum value and measurable outcomes.
  • Proactive partnership: More than just a vendor, Measured is a trusted ally. We provide continuous support and guidance, helping you uncover hidden opportunities and optimize campaigns to maximize ROI.
  • Seamless integration and quick onboarding: Our modular, plug-and-play geo-testing application integrates effortlessly with your existing analytics systems. Within weeks, your team can access dashboards populated with actionable insights, driving immediate business value.

Our customer-centric philosophy distinguishes us in the measurement landscape. From the outset, we focus on building strong, proactive partnerships that drive success and ensure your marketing strategies are always aligned with your business goals.


Measured is your partner in navigating the complexities of modern marketing. Our pioneering work in incrementality measurement, a future-proof SaaS platform, and a deep commitment to customer success make us the ideal choice for brands aiming to maximize their media performance and ROI.

By choosing Measured, you’re not just adopting a cutting-edge technology platform; you’re gaining a dedicated ally committed to your long-term success. Join the leading brands that have transformed their media strategies with Measured, and discover how our solutions can elevate your marketing to new heights.

For more information on how Measured can help you optimize your media investments and achieve your business goals, contact us today.