Incrementality Measurement on the Martech Matrix

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Mihi Joshi, Content Marketing Manager

Published 05/21/2024


Nick Stoltz, Chief Strategy Officer of Measured, discusses the challenges and complexities of marketing measurement with host Sean Simon, cofounder of Cogent Collective, on the Martech Matrix podcast. Sean's mission is to democratize emerging technology and help brands and agencies find and use the best solutions for their business challenges.

In this must-watch episode, Nick explains how Measured helps brands understand the value and impact of their marketing efforts through incrementality testing.

Listen below to learn more about:

  • The importance of running experiments to determine the incrementality of each marketing channel and how it contributes to sales
  • The need for a culture of experimentation and continuous learning for brands to stay competitive in a rapidly changing landscape
  • The importance of testing in marketing and how to approach it strategically
  • The need for proper experiment duration and frequency
  • The role of creative in testing, with a focus on aligning messaging with the target audience and platform
  • The challenges of platform-based testing and the need for independent measurement
  • The impact of testing on marketing strategy and results, demonstrated by a case study with Carter's
  • Insights on onboarding and getting started with testing