Connect Ad Spend to Sales Results, Despite Growing Gaps in User Data

gaps in user data

Trevor Testwuide, Expert in Business Strategy and Marketing Measurement

Published 12/19/2022

Mind the Gap.

If you’ve ever spent time in London, it's a phrase you are likely familiar with. Users of the Underground frequently see and hear these words meant to warn riders of the gap between subway trains and platforms. It also happens to be a very apt phrase for marketers today, as they attempt to navigate the ongoing turbulence being felt throughout the advertising industry.

Whether caused by walled-gardens, restrictions on user-tracking, unpredictable consumer behavior, or any number of possible culprits, gaps in visibility are a persistent and increasing problem for advertisers. Multiple unfolding events with far-reaching implications are causing a big shift in how the media world operates. And measurement experts everywhere are diving down rabbit holes to explain how each one impacts the attribution methods, models, and technology in use by platforms and brands today. Of course these things matter - the methodology should be sound, the technology stable, and the results accurate - but the goal is simple. Fill in the gaps.

During the past few years, we've talked a lot about the collapse of MTA and the flaws of last-touch attribution, warning brands of the danger in taking platform reporting at face value. Fueled by our own passion for analytics and technology, we may also be guilty of spending a bit too much time dissecting the mechanisms of broken measurement systems of the past. Marketers already know what they have isn’t working. They are well aware of the gaps.

Cobbling together questionably accurate reports from disparate platforms, knowing they do not add up to what's being reported by sales, does not lend itself to confident decision-making. Marketers need to know how each channel performs and they need a way to compare across channels so critical investment decisions aren’t based on guesswork. They need a partner they trust to answer the question:

Where can I cut waste and where should I spend next?

This is where Measured comes in. We can tie incremental sales to the channels and campaigns that caused them. Using your metrics, we’ll help you figure out how to spend your media budget for the best possible outcomes, and we’ll validate it using your sales data.

If you’d like to see the science behind our incrementality-based approach and how it solves for the issues of past attribution methodologies, we have plenty of informative content and eager experts lined up to have those conversations. For those of you who aren’t quite ready for a tour through technical particulars, or if your eyes glaze over at the very mention of phrases like “multivariate test and control geo-experimentation,” I’ll jump to the part where we back up our claims with results.

There is no better way to demonstrate the power of the platform than through the success of the brands that rely on Measured as their source of truth for media insights and optimization.

A couple months ago I had the pleasure of spending a few weeks with our team, partners, and brands in the UK. While the strains of an ongoing pandemic and wavering economy are being felt around the world, when I arrived in London, they were also grieving the death of their Queen, had three different PMs in as many months, and inflation was at an all time high. Not only did the trip spark the idea for this post, it was a valuable reminder that, while marketers around the world have a lot in common, every brand is a different business that faces its own set of challenges.

Marketers need a measurement partner they can trust to deliver reliable insights, regardless of tracking challenges and policy changes. And they need solutions that will account for the unique aspects of their specific business and brand.  That’s Measured. We have many more stories about brands that are growing with Measured and we plan to keep sharing them right here.

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