How did Measured Reveal the True iROAS of Pinterest?

Measured Reveal the True iROAS of Pinterest

Mihi Joshi, Content Marketing Manager

Published 11/08/2023

Johnny Was, a leading women’s lifestyle brand & long-time customer of the Measured Platform, has created unique Bohemian lifestyle products since 1987. Their clothes “cross cultures and defy trends” and are instantly recognizable for their signature embroideries, effortless silhouettes, and luxe fabrications.

While we know most consumers turn to Pinterest when they’re seeking inspiration, Johnny Was tapped into Pinterest with a deeper-funnel goal in mind: To acquire new customers. Once this goal was set, Johnny Was knew that last-touch attribution would fail to measure the true incremental contribution of the platform to sales. They chose to leverage Measured automated experimentation technology to measure the platform’s true impact.

The results were spectacular. Leveraging Measured insights, Johnny Was realized that Pinterest was underreporting their ROAS by a whopping 350%. Our testing revealed that Pinterest's performance exceeded Johnny Was' iROAS (Incremental ROAS) goal by over 65%, which led Johnny Was to significantly increase their budget in this channel. 

Check out the full success story from Pinterest here:

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