How Brands and Agencies Reap the Rewards of a Media Measurement Platform

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Todd Martin, Vice President of Customer Success

Published 06/05/2024

In my role as VP of Professional Services at Measured, I get to witness firsthand the impactful value our incrementality-powered Measured platform delivers for our customers in various ways. From providing clarity into media spend, to comparing performance to similar brands, to supplying you with data you can trust, here are just a few of the perks brands experience when working with Measured. 

Johnny Was

Measured delivered very specific value to Johnny Was: Clarity.

Johnny Was, a longtime customer of Measured, loves using the Measured incrementality-powered platform. Using features like automated geo testing and cross-channel reporting, the team is able to understand exactly how many sales their marketing is driving. One feature especially appreciated by their executive team is cross-brand comparisons: Not only are they able to compare their performance in their top channels to other brands, but by seeing how new channels perform for similar brands, Johnny Was finds that they facilitate pertinent conversations around budget allocation. With the help of Media Plan Optimizer, they make every ad dollar count based on the true contribution of media at the campaign level. 

“We were legally blind before we hooked up with measured. And now we wear glasses.”

- Rob Trauber, CEO of Johnny Was: 


Measured delivers a complete, unbiased view of media performance based on data you trust. Hammitt uses the Measured Platform to optimize their media spend and maximize incremental return. They particularly trust the Media Plan Optimizer to compare different budget scenarios, consider the diminishing returns of increasing spend, and identify the precise media mix that generates the best results for their brand. The tactic-level guidance has been their secret to increasing their marketing ROI 16X. 

Measured provides a fully managed, private, and secure data infrastructure with access to 300+ data sources, ensuring real-time actionable insights from all marketing channels with the highest degree of data reliability.

“It’s the kernel of truth right now. It’s what we follow every day to make our spending decisions.”

- Tony Drockton, Founder & Chairman of Hammitt

Read the full case study here.


Digital marketing agency Wpromote, alongside J McLaughlin, leverage Measured together to measure and optimize their media spend. As a brand that is focused on driving incrementality-based results, Measured helps bring transparency and visibility into their media spend through automated geo testing. Measured’s data science-driven test design and rigorous experimentation technology help them minimize risk and maximize accuracy on every test. WPromote leverages these testing insights to help guide budget allocation decisions that help their clients achieve their media efficiency goals.

“I really find it valuable to our day-to-day job and it definitely helps us be better business partners to our clients.”

- Amanda Siam, Account Director at WPromote

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