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2023 Essential Insights for Ecommerce Marketers

Navigating The Current Market

Advertising in the Most Confusing Recession Ever

Predicting shopper behavior during times of economic uncertainty is always a challenge for consumer brands, but the unique nature of the current recession is making budget planning especially difficult for marketers right now.

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Attribution Experts Discuss 2023 Ad Budgets

Advertisers should be focused on eliminating wasted spend and potentially even increasing investments when there is still room to profitably scale. Every channel, tactic, and campaign should be scrutinized and optimized, which can only be achieved by understanding what incremental conversions the media is driving.

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Optimize, Don’t Cut Your Marketing Spend

It’s understandable that many retailers, bracing for the worst, are “playing it safe” by slashing ad spend. But, if consumers are still collecting paychecks and spending money, then marketers need to optimize budgets to reach these customers and maximize return on ad spend.

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The Trends That You Need To Know

2022 State of DTC Marketing Measurement Survey Results

Experts from Vuori, Faherty Brand, and 4Ocean discuss how marketers are dealing with current challenges in measurement and what channels they are prioritizing for the future.

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It’s Time to Stop Looking for a Cookie Alternative

Know who isn’t breathing a sigh of relief thanks to Google’s cookie delay? Marketers who already figured out they don’t need to track users to connect ad spend to sales.

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Easy Optimization For All Your Critical Media Decisions

Measured has launched new tools to help marketers maximize advertising ROI and find new ways to grow.

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Mind The Gap: Connecting Ad Spend to Sales Results

Whether caused by walled-gardens, tracking restrictions, or any number of culprits, gaps in visibility are a persistent and increasing problem for marketers.

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See How Measured Helps Leading Brands Reach Their Goals

Hammitt Increases Sales by 9% With Media Plan Optimizer

The Hammitt team wanted to know how to allocate ad spend across channels to maximize incremental sales. By implementing spend recommendations delivered by the Measured platform, Hammitt saw a 16x return on their investment with Measured.

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Honeylove Increases Pinterest Budget 2X After Geo Scale Test

The Honeylove team intuitively believed that Pinterest was successfully driving both awareness and purchase, but struggled with how to appropriately value its impact. The Measured team assessed the incrementality of Honeylove’s Pinterest campaigns and determined that the actual return on ad spend (ROAS) was significantly higher than the platform was reporting.

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Premium Home Goods Brand Finds Paid Search Overvalued by 94%

By measuring incrementality, the brand gained a better understanding of the true ROAS of their Google Search and Shopping campaigns. Measured’s Geo-matched market testing calculates incrementality directly from ecommerce conversion data and does not require user-level tracking, enabling brands to mitigate the limitations of platform last-touch attribution.

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