end to end attribution optimization | Measured

End-to-End Attribution and Optimization

With the Measured Incrementality Platform, you'll have comprehensive clarity on the contribution of all ad spend to your business, and confidence in your portfolio optimization decisions.

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end to end attribution optimization | Measured

Comprehensive optimization for modern marketers

By deploying incrementality-based marketing attribution within an automated workflow, you’ll be able to measure the true business impact of your advertising and re-allocate spend for the greatest ROAS, maximizing media performance.

Measured in real life

measured in real life

The question

How do we allocate media spend for maximum incremental sales?

The solution

Measured enabled Hammitt to tap into the industry’s most extensive collection of incrementality intelligence to generate spend recommendations for every channel.

The results

After optimization, Hammitt top line sales increased by 9%.

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measured in real life

Validate. Optimize. Maximize.
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Explore the world’s smartest marketing attribution solution for optimizing your ad spend to maximize ROAS and revenue.

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